Marinated prawns (Mazzara del Vallo) with Orange fennel  Salad x 4 people IMG_4879

300 g of Shelled Prawns 
4-5 Oranges – peeled and cut into segments avoiding the skin
1/2 lemon juice 
1/2 orange juice
1 fennel Bulb sliced julienne, include the bottom heart of the fennel and not the  fennel bulb  leaves .
1 table spoons of red wine vinegar
A lug extra virgin Olive oil
Salt and pepper to your liking 


Marinate your prawns with  half a lemon and half a orange, a lug olive oil , a pinch of salt and pepper and leave to marinate for 2-3 hours.

Create you orange salad with the fennel  and also leave the oranges to marinate with vinegar, olive oil , salt and pepper to liking .




500 g of picadilly tomatoes

2-3 garlic cloves

a large amount of basil

200 g of skinned almonds

150 -200 ml of olive oil ( extra vergine if possibile )

taste for salt and pepper

firstly put all you ingredients in the food mixer without the oil  – mix well and then taste to see how it  doing in salt – at the end add the oil.



Long thin metal skewers  .  called ferro, a metal spike . . However, a thin wooden skewer works as a substitute are great . .

1/2 kg  of semola flour

a lu of olive oil

250 ml of water

a large pinch salt

Preparing the pasta

On a clean surface add all the flour and add the pinch of salt and olive oil  .  With your hands create  a hole in the middle .

in the hole gently add the water and with your hand slow mix the flour into water . continue adding the water , until you get a nice firm dough. kneed the dough together , stretching it for about 10-15  minutes.

We can start making the maccheroni .

roll the dough into long  sausages and cut your maccheroni into pieces of more or less a 1cmx 50 cm  .

Technique – place one piece of the dough onto the middle of the skewer – rolls gently with your hands and slide off .

Cook the maccheroni in salted boiling water for around 8 – 10 minutes



INVOLTINI  – 4 pax 

400 G Fillets  sword fish or flag fish  ( chicken , pork , veal , any meat can be used its important that it is nice and thin and you can use a meat  pounder ) 

250 g breadcrumbs : ( 8 slices of white bread grated into crumbs – pinch of salt and pepper – 50 g parmesan – hand full parsley and a hand full basil finely chopped  – 1 table spoon of olive oil    )


* wooden skewers

* Coat  each fish fillet with  olive oil and a  pinch of salt 

 * Take each fillet and roll and  Coat in the breadcrumbs

 * Careful roll and add  them onto  the wooden skewers  – add 4-5 on each skewer .

* we placed them in the oven for  10-15 min at 180 °c –


You can grill them , fry them or bake them . just remember 5/7  min each side.



Our Tomato Sauce 

500 g of sweet Piccadilly tomatoes  – briefly boiled and skinned and cut in quarters  (we can keep the seeds as they are not bitter) – if you can not find sweet sweet tomatoes , add a heavy teaspoon of sugar to this recipe .

2- 4 strong crushed  garlic gloves

3 table spoons of  extra virgin olive oil

A large handful of basil leaves.

Procedure :

In a pan , place you tomatoes and keep on a medium heat for around 45 minutes , the tomatoes will loose their water and then the sauce will start to thicken and dry up . Always crushing them once in while with a fork.

Add 2 teaspoons of salt

 Turn off the heat , add the basil and the   garlic cloves  and the oilve oil . (you can remove the garlic before you use the tomato sauce ) .

Your sauce is done.