250 g Risotto Carnaroli

1 litre of vegetable broth

40 g Pistachio roughly  crushed

20 g of Pistachio food processed in olive oil – OR as an alternative a pistacchio pesto.

10 g of Pancetta – diced

1 mozzarella ball – roughly chopped

Add in your frying pan , a lug of olive oil and heat . Then add your raw rice and coat well at high heat . Slowly then add your vegetable broth , mixing well at all times being carful it does not stick .

Add after 15 minutes add your infused pistachio oil and continue cooking , adding the broth gently.

Once your rice is cooked,  and it has a nice gooey consistency , spread it over a large surface to let it rest and cool down.





Pasta for 4 -6 people 

Long thin metal skewers  .  called ferro, a metal spike . . However, a thin wooden skewer works as a substitute too.

1/2 kg  of semola flour

a lug of olive oil

250 ml of water

a large pinch salt

Preparing the pasta

On a clean surface add all the flour and add the pinch of salt .  With your hands create  a hole in the middle .

in the hole gently add the water and with your hand slow mix the flour into water . continue adding the water , until you get a nice firm dough. kneed the dough together , stretching it for about 10 minutes

now cover the dough and let it rest for minimum an hour .

Once the pasta has rested , we can start making the maccheroni .

Cut small pieces of the pasta dough  and place the skewer on top .

The trick, so to speak, is to apply enough pressure on the piece of dough so that it flattens and spreads around the ferro as you roll it, but not so much as to make it stick to the ferro. At the end of the process, you want to be able to slide the maccheroni from the ferro without misshaping it (if that happens, you can always re-roll the dough and try again).

It helps to flour the skewer often. I have two of them at hand: while I am using one, the other is inside the flour bag. When the first one becomes a bit sticky, I put it in the flour and take up the other.

Cook the maccheroni in salted boiling water for around 8 – 10 minutes




400 g of  pork cut in slices and thinned out .

250 g breadcrumbs : ( 8 slices of white bread grated into crumbs – pinch of salt and pepper – pinch of oregano – 20 g parmesan – hand full parsley and a hand full basil finely chopped – a handful of sesame seeds  )


wooden skewers

 *  Slice your pork  -. that they are more or less 7-8 cm wide and 1/2 cm think –

*  Hammer your pork so its lovely and thin.

* Coat in olive oil or vegetable

 * Coat in your breadcrumbs

* Add a slice of the pecorrino   cheese in the middle

* Carefully roll your pork slices
* Place 4-5 rolls on your wood skewers
* Gently grill them in a grilled pan  or fried – which has been brushed lightly with some olive oil


Mandarinetto or Limoncello IMG_1349

15 mandarins or Lemon skins infused in 1 liter of 95 % alcohol for 2 weeks

add 1,200 liters of water with 200 gr of sugar

bottle and store for 1 month .

Violà your liqueur   is ready !