Sicilian Cooking class Recipe Tuesday 17th May

Parimgiana di Pippo x 4 people

3 Eggplants –  Peeled and sliced  in approximately  1/2 cm width and fried in vegetable oil . * when frying place on plate and always keep it tilted so the oil drains out , (this is important , that they contain as less oil as possible ).

500 ml Tomato Sauce – fresh (See below )

large quantity of Basil leaves

200 g  of Mozzarella diced

200 g  Parmesan cheese grated


Tomato sauce

500 g of Piccadilly tomatoes  – briefly boiled and skinned and cut in quarters  (we can keep the seeds as they are not bitter)

2 garlic gloves

A large lug of good quality extra virgin olive oil

Procedure : In a pan , place you tomatoes and keep on a medium heat for around 45 minutes , the tomatoes will loose their water and then the sauce will start to thicken and dry up .

Once its the right consistency , turn off the heat , add the basil and the 2 garlic cloves  and the oilve oil . (you can remove the garlic before you use the tomato sauce ) .

Your sauce is done.


In small – medium size baking tray . We can start layering the parmigiana  , on the bottom always start with the tomato sauce , then  add your layers of eggplants – a spread of  mozzarella , parmesan and basil and continue this process until your finish your egg plants  . Always finish off with the top layer of mozzarella and a large handful of parmesan on top.

Place in the oven at 180 ° for 30 minutes and always allow to rest at least an hour . The more it rest the better it is .


Maccheroni di Casa with flower of Zucchini and Shrimps x 4 people 

Pasta for 4 -6 people 

Long thin metal skewers  .  called ferro, a metal spike . . However, a thin wooden skewer works as a substitute too.

1/2 kg  of semola flour

a lug of olive oil

250 ml of water

a large pinch salt

Preparing the pasta

On a clean surface add all the flour and add the pinch of salt .  With your hands create  a hole in the middle .

in the hole gently add the water and with your hand slow mix the flour into water . continue adding the water , until you get a nice firm dough. kneed the dough together , stretching it for about 10 minutes

now cover the dough and let it rest for minimum an hour .

Once the pasta has rested , we can start making the maccheroni .

Cut small pieces of the pasta dough  and place the skewer on top .

The trick, so to speak, is to apply enough pressure on the piece of dough so that it flattens and spreads around the ferro as you roll it, but not so much as to make it stick to the ferro. At the end of the process, you want to be able to slide the maccheroni from the ferro without misshaping it (if that happens, you can always re-roll the dough and try again).

It helps to flour the skewer often. I have two of them at hand: while I am using one, the other is inside the flour bag. When the first one becomes a bit sticky, I put it in the flour and take up the other.

Cook the maccheroni in salted boiling water for around 8 – 10 minutes


Procedure for the sauce 

400 g of small Zucchini with flower heads – Take of the heads of the flower and place in water to wash probably .

Cut the zucchini in quarters and  boil for a few minutes

300 g of fresh prawns (this is really personal , you can add plenty more if you wish )

1 glass of white wine

1 garlic clove

50 g Parmesan.

Olive oil

In a large frying plan add a lug of olive oil garlic and prawns and on a medium heat , fry gently and add you glass of wine , let evaporate . Then add your zucchini  and flower of zucchini and continue stirring and amalgamating the prawns and zucchini together on heat . You can then turn this off after a 5 minutes.

Once you have drained your pasta , add the pasta to your the sauce and mix over a low heat for at least 5 minutes . Add a a nice handful of parmesan cheese too.  Your pasta is ready .


Involtini di Veal with lemon x 4 

400 g of sliced veal – hammered thinly
Provola cheese in small slices
1 lemon grated
200 g of Fresh breadcrumbs
Parsley finely chopped
salt and pepper

100 g of Parmesan cheese grated


Mix the breadcrumbs with parsley and parmesan.

On your veal add a large lug of olive oil and mix well , add the grated lemon and salt and pepper . Mix well

Take each piece of Veal and roll into the breadcrumb mixture , rolling it tightly making sure there is breadcrumbs in the middle add a piece of your provola cheese and squeeze gently .  Put each involtino on the wooden skewer , max 4-5 pieces per skewer.