March Cooking Class Villa Britannia 

Spumante & Wines :

Spumante – Duca di SalaparutaIMG_4253

Wines : Valle dell’Acate . Zagara white wine Grillo Grape  & Cersuolo di Vittoria Doc Classico  Red




800 g  – ” 00 ” flour

200 g  – semola flour

15 g  salt

25 g  –  brewer’s yeast

10- 15 Anchovies in olive oil

100 ml Vegetable oil

  • Mix all the mixture together to create a liquid paste , let this rest for an hour in the fridge .
  • With a spoon , get a table of the patter and one anchovies and place in the well heated oil you will see the frying process will take a few minutes to do . Eat warm .



Orange Tarocco Salad -4 pax 

10  tarocco oranges . blood oranges – cut into chunks leaving the skin

1/4 spring onions finely choppedIMG_1692

1 fennel cut Julienne sliced

2 tablespoons of oilve oil

1 tea spoon of White or red wine vinegar

pinch of salt





Sicilian Lasagna 

Homemade Pasta

1 egg plant

2 eggs

100 g  Caccio cavallo cheese grated

100 gr of Parmesan cheese



Slice your eggplant taking the head and bottom off .

Add the  slice eggplant to a pasta drainer with handful of rock salt over the eggplant

Let the eggplants rest for not less than an hour . (This takes the water out of the eggplant making them sweeter and they will absorb less vegetable oil while frying )

Add a large quantity of vegetable oil to your frying pan and fry gently each side until golden brown .


1 kilo of semola flour (

8 eggs

1/4 of a cup of water (if needed)

Create a well with your flour and place your eggs in the middle, slowly amalgamate to create you pasta , if dry and to incorporate all the flour add  small amounts of water to help

Let you pasta rest at least 1 hour before slowing rolling it out various time for a thin pasta layer. We rolled it at least 3-4 times .

Tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes  

*  we did not do this one as we were out of season but you should try this recipe at home .

1 shallot onions chopped in quarters

2 Tbs basil finely chopped
400 g of Piccadilly tomatoes – cut in half Extra virgin olive oil

Place in a frying pan olive oil, celery, onions, basil and start frying at low heat after 15 minutes add the tomatoes and rock salt .

Cover and leave for half 20-30 minutes on low heat

Once the tomatoes are lovely and soft – Purify using the emuli (food mill)

Sauce is ready

Creating the Lasagna

In a oven proof tray   , important that the first layer is tomato sauce and then on each layer add your aubergines , eggs, both cheese , basil and then your pasta . You can create as many layers as your wish , important that you finish off on top with your grated parmesan.



Involtini Pork 

400 g of  pork cut in slices and thinned out .

 50 g  Caccio cavallo Cheese
250 g breadcrumbs : ( 8 slices of white bread grated into crumbs – pinch of salt and pepper – pinch of oregano – 20 g parmesan – hand full parsley and a hand full basil finely chopped .


wooden skewers

 *  Slice your pork  -. that they are more or less 7-8 cm wide and 1/2 cm think –

*  Hammer your pork so its lovely and thin.

* Coat in olive oil or vegetable

 * Coat in your breadcrumbs
* Carefully roll your veal
* Place 4-5 rolls on your wood skewers
* Gently grill them in a grilled pan  or fried – which has been brushed lightly with some olive oil



Mandarinetto or Limoncello 

15 mandarins or Lemon skins infused in 1 liter of 95 % alcohol for 2 weeks IMG_1349

add 1,200 liters of water with 600 gr of sugar

bottle and store for 1 month .

Violà your liquore  is ready !

Drink chilled .